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How to make a copper tube coils

In this video, I'll try to show you how I make a copper tube coils for my steampunk lamps. Respond to requests from subscribers.

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First song used: KISNOU X Silencyde - Awakening

Second song used: Anima - You Are Truth

Using a copper tube flaring tool

Tutorial on using a copper tube flaring tool.

In my business certain jobs require a specific part in order to do the project. There's nothing I hate more than running around to different supply houses to find that part. So today after spending a half a day trying to find a brass fitting that I could connect my air compressor to a backflow preventer so that I could blow out a lawn sprinkler system, I decided I would buy a copper tube flaring tool and build the fitting myself.

This video covers how to use a copper tube flaring tool. In this case I build a fitting that will transition from a 1/4" flare fitting to a 1/4" MIPT compressor fitting. Parts in video are annotated.

How To Use a Flaring on Tool Copper Tube.

How To Use a Flaring Tool on Copper Tubing. Flare copper tubing with flaring clamp. In this case for gas fitting plumbing connection. Working with copper line, or tubing.

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