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HP Designjet 500, 800 Belt Replacement & Calibration

As always, BEWARE OF CHEAP BELTS. They do not use anti-oxidizing chemicals or high-density polyurethane/DuPont Kevlar core like ours do. Cheap belts *will* deteriorate just like the original HP belts.

The kit used in this video can be ordered from: http://www.lpscomputer.com/collections/designjet-500-800-belts-belt-kits

This video is a tutorial on replacing the carriage belt on HP Designjet 500 and 800 series plotters.

How to operate the HP DesignJet 500

How to operate the HP DesignJet 500 large-format printer. Video covers paper loading, print job setup, reprinting, etc. Music by Ellis3D, created entirely on a Casio MT-68.

Repair for HP Designjet 500/800/510/500+ Trailing Cable Error: 11:11 Check/Clean/Replace

EN: Fix problem for (Error11:11) :
the plotter can't function with a damaged cable

FR: Solution pour (Erreur11:11) :
le traceur ne peut pas fonctionner avec un câble endommagé

Detaching the Cable/Détacher le câble: 05:55
Replacing the cable /Remplacement du câble: 9:00
To check/Pour vérifier : 11:23
Reassembly/Remontage: 12:05

Warning!!! / Attention!!!
-Be sure to connect same ports (J1 to J1 and J2 to J2) otherwise it will cause another type of error
-Assurez-vous de connecter les mêmes ports (J1 à J1 et J2 à J2) sinon cela provoquera un autre type d'erreur

Machines Repair-Maintenance wide format :(Plotter:HP,CANON/XEROX copier/Printers)
Reparation-Maintenance des Machines grand format :(Traceur:HP,CANON/Copieur:XEROX/Imprimantes)

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